9-March – General Meeting and Citizen of the Year Celebration

As we have done since 1991, the March 9th General Meeting will unveil the Berryessa Citizen of the Year and acknowledge them for their many contributions to our community.  It is made all the more special because we work hard to surprise the winner and surround them with family and friends.  So come and help enrich the event.

Afterwards Ms. Thelma Boac will be hosting a presentation celebrating the people who trace their family back to the Philippines.  Ms. Boac, in addition to her role as Berryessa Union School District Trustee, is a recognized international advocate for the Filipino Culture..  We are pleased to be hosting the Independence High School’s Mabuhay Club Dancers.  We are so enriched by the many ethnic groups that live here in Berryessa and the Bay Area. This will be a great opportunity to learn and be entertained.

Here is the March BCAC agenda and Feb 2020 General Meeting Minutes.

See you there Monday March 9 starting at 7PM inside the Berryessa Community Center.

One thought on “9-March – General Meeting and Citizen of the Year Celebration

  1. BCAC Members and Community Friends

    We will be hosting the Citizen of the Year Celebration as scheduled. That said, we want to encourage everyone to be responsible, and we will be taking steps to align with the County’s guidance to reduce the spread of COVID-19..

    Attendance – Please take care of yourself at home if you have symptoms (coughing/sneezing/fever) or if you believe that you have been exposed to the Corona Virus. Those of you attending please use the new fist-tap/elbow-tap as a greeting and keep a little extra distance between one another.

    We will set the room with extra distance between rows and chairs. Additionally, assuming available supply, have hand sanitizer and tissue available for you.


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