February 10th General Meeting @7PM

You’re invited to come together in community to

  • Get an update from the Law Enforcement Officers that protect us
  • Hear from the Elected Officials who represent us
  • Learn about the Community Response Team Program – how it serves you and how you can participate
  • Get an update on your BCAC 2020 Quality of Life Initiative – Restoration of the Community Center Mural

We are always welcoming of your guests and encourage you to invite neighbors to come “check us out”.  And if you have not yet paid your 2020 dues, remember to bring your check for $10/ea.  Where else can you get this kind of community results and personal enlightenment for $10/year? (Well maybe not “enlightenment”, but you sure get a boat load of current information.)

Monday February 10 – 7PM at the Berryessa Community Center

BCAC agenda Feb. 2020

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