Project of the Year

For our 2020 Project we have elected to use our Beautify San Jose Grant for refurbishing the Mural at the Berryessa Community center.

We want you to know that the 2020 Mural Restoration Project is finally completed and has been documented in a presentation integrated into a kiosk that will be installed in the Community Center lobby.

  • It took much longer than planned (COVID and Fire Storms), but Valley of the Heart’s Delight is splendidly colorful and the plaque a fitting tribute.
  • Since access to the Community Center is still restricted, I am working with Eric Pennington to upload the 12 minute video so the community can watch it from home.
  • This is a great success for our organization that was made possible by many volunteers as well as skilled professionals.  We want to celebrate this in the near future with an outdoor event once COVID restrictions are relaxed.

Meanwhile the mural is there for you.  Drop by and enjoy.