BCAC General Monthly Meeting-YouTube Recording

BCAC Members and Neighborhood Friends,

We are hosting our General Meeting on Monday, June 13th starting at 7:00PM at the Berryessa Community Center and on Zoom.  In addition to the timely updates from first responders and elected officials, we will

  • Host Marc Landgraf from the Open Space Authority
  • Get a Update on the Penitencia Creek Park Pond Revitalization Program from Ty Greaves

We also want to alert you to a BONUS MEETING on July 11th (note the Agenda has a date error that we will correct later) which will be focused on you, our members.  Too often our meetings conclude with little time for us to listen to you real-time.  At this July meeting there will be time to share your thoughts with us and each other.  So we encourage you to start a conversation in your family and with your neighbors about the BCAC.

  • What would you like the BCAC to accomplish?  Projects, Entertainment, Community Events, etc.
  • What had you come to your first BCAC Meeting?  How did you learn of our organization? 
  • What are the major things that you value from the BCAC?
  • Who should we be appealing to and how do you think we could reach them?

So bring your smile and curiosity to the June 13th meeting.  We have much to share.

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