BCAC February General Monthly Meeting 2/8 @ 7PM on Zoom – Youtube Recording here!

Join us for our monthly general meeting where we’ll have updates from our elected officials. Zoom invite information below.

Here is your invitation to learn about a very different proposal being considered by San José that would fundamentally change “Single-Family” zoning and allow replacement of a single-family home with up to a fourplex and up to two ADU’s in the back (ADU = Accessory Dwelling Units aka “Granny Houses”).  We have speakers:  one in favor of the change and another opposed to the change.  The agenda sequence has be adjusted to have these speakers on early in the meeting, so don’t be tardy (or you can watch the recording later).

There will be the reporting/engagement with those we have elected to represent us and those who serve us as first responders, school leaders, community services. 

But we also want you to tease you with the March agenda that will feature our annual Citizen of the Year acknowledgement and Ethnic Celebration.  Since 1991 we have set aside time to honor one of the people who make a difference in our community. We keep the name confidential until the meeting to make the award that much more special for the person and those who love and support them.  These Citizens of the Year are embedded in our diverse community so we also take time to highlight one of the many ethnic groups that enrich our community.  A special evening you will enjoy and remember.

Two final thoughts for you: 1) if you haven’t paid your $10/yr/ea dues please send your check (Susan Fowle, 3614 Vista del Valle, San José, CA 95132) and 2) there is a 2021 at-large BCAC Board position that we ask you to consider.

Agenda here: The Berryessa Bulletin February 2021

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