Not On Noble Update – Site PERMANENTLY Removed from D4 EIHC consideration

  • Removal of Site from D4 EIHC Consideration- Results of Nov 29, 2022 Mtng
    • By unanimous vote at the Nov 29, 2022 City Council meeting, the Noble site was removed from EIHC consideration, permanently.  Removal is independent of park status.
  • This action is documented in the Nov 29, 2022 City Council meeting minutes. NotonNoble will not be taking further action to ensure this action is legitimate.
  • Cohen’s amendment, which is attached to the agenda item for the Nov 29 meeting,  removes the Noble site from EIHC consideration permanently.  Cohen’s subsequent newsletter reported this action as “NEVER ON NOBLE.”  
  • Securing Long-term Protection of Noble Site
  • By action of full council on Nov 29, 2022, the Noble site (Penitencia Reach 2) is permanently removed from EIHC consideration.  No further action is needed from NotonNoble or BCAC to insure this protection.  
  • Not on Noble Actions Undertaken:
    • Continued in-person City Council Chambers protests until the City officially removed Noble as the EIHC D4 site AND until the City granted Penitencia Reach 2 Park on Noble Ave protected status for all future non-park development in perpetuity. This was accomplished independent of park status.

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