BCAC joins with NotOnNoble group in opposition of Tiny Homes on Noble Ave

The past few months the City of San Jose has been trying to develop plans for a future transitional housing tiny-home site on Noble Ave across from Noble Elementary School. This is the same thing that BCAC opposed the city on back in 2017. This round again we have communicated with the City and provided our official opposition to the Tiny-home location.

There has been a community group of concern neighbors organically formed in opposition to this. They have been doing a fantastic job gathering information, communicating with the neighborhood and fighting a good fight against this in our neighborhood. They have a great website with regular updates on what has taken place, what they’re doing and how to get involved:

Please check it out here: https://notonnoble.blogspot.com/

BCAC continues to be in opposition to this and is working with this group to go after a common goal. We don’t want this in our neighborhood, now or in the future, so we want to make the site ineligibility permanent.

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