BCAC July General Monthly Meeting 11-July – YouTube Recording Here

BCAC Members and Community Friends

Thanks to everyone that joined us Monday night at the Berryessa Community Center for a special Monthly Meeting.

Attached is the Agenda for the July 11th Meeting at the Community Center (3050 Berryessa Road) that will start at 7:00PM.  The meeting has two objectives

  1. Get Membership and Community thoughts on how the BCAC can better serve our community, and
  2. Membership and Community Engagement in Opposition to the Proposal to Site a 100-bed “Tiny Home” shelter on Noble Ave

In order to make good use of our time, President Locke asked that I include a presentation of what the BCAC has accomplished and has planned.  We ask that you review the presentation and come prepared to make requests and recommend priorities for 2023 and beyond.

  • What do you want more of/less of?
  • What is missing that needs BCAC involvement?
  • Who do you want monthly/periodic reports from?
  • What are our unmet community needs?

Then we will move to a discussion of the City Decision to Site a 100-Bed Tiny Home Community on Noble Ave.  Five years ago the Berryessa community and the BCAC OPPOSED the same proposal, and the City opted for a two-site, de-scoped program.  In June the City Council overruled Council Member Cohen’s appeal for public outreach prior to decision-making and voted 8-2 to proceed.  We want to hear your thoughts on how you and we can work together to reverse this decision and demand community outreach PRIOR to any “Tiny Homes” encampment.

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