BCAC April 2022 General Monthly meeting – 11-Apr @7PM – YouTube Recording here


Join us for our Monthly General Meeting on April 11 @ 7PM at the Berryessa Community Center. Zoom link below.

We will be having our typical general meeting updates and updates from our various elected officials. But we are also hosting a candidate forum for the Santa Clara County Sheriff.

On Monday night we, and our co-sponsors

  • Berryessa Business Association
  • Penitencia Neighborhood Association, and
  • Berryessa-North San José Democratic Club

will host the candidates for Sheriff of Santa Clara County.  We know that many members rely on the Sheriff’s department to patrol the unincorporated areas along our remote Eastern boundary that, far too often, attract criminality.  We have attached a Santa Clara County Sheriff Fact Sheet to provide a basic understanding of the Sheriff’s responsibilities and some “comparative” data with similar sized counties in California.

The candidates are keen to present themselves and their platforms, and we are pleased to host them.  The June 7th Primary Ballots will be posted on May 6th so you have some time to carefully consider your options.

In May the BCAC plans to host the candidates for California Assembly District 24 which has a new district map and replaces the old District #25 that used to cover our area.  So “stay tuned” for updates on this event.

See below for the Agenda, a sheriff fact sheet, and last month’s meeting minutes.

View Meeting recording

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