Meeting on a Proposed 101 @ Mabury Interchange

BCAC Members an Community Friends,

We encourage you to get in early by attending the Jan 19th Scoping Meeting (Zoom Webinar 6-8PM) for an interchange connecting highway 101 and Mabury Ave.  The link to attend is:

The attached .pdf file will give you more information, but we want to consider the interchange implications for access to the Berryessa BART station.  While COVID responses by business/individuals has significantly reduced the demand for public transportation, there will come a time, soon we hope, when the local economy will be humming.  When this happens we can expect the traffic load from 101 to be significant.  Currently Berryessa BART access from 101 is difficult (either 13th Street/Commercial/Berryessa or McKee/Capitol/Berryessa) and a new interchange at Mabury would be more direct.

Now is the time to learn about the proposal so you can contribute your thoughts.

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