BCAC January General Monthly Meeting on Zoom- Recording here

BCAC Members and Community Friends,

2022 looks to be a great year for our community and our first general meeting has all of the elements you have come to expect from your Neighborhood Association:

  • Timely briefings from the leaders you elected to ensure we have governance that is accountable and effective
  • Insights on how our Berryessa Union School District is serving the development needs of our kids, but providing effective COVID testing/vaccination services to the students, staff, and general community
  • Engagement with land use plans for our community – Specifically the 8-story development planned at 905 Capitol (at the intersection with Penitenicia Creek Road)
  • Alerts on efforts to add transportation infrastructure in our area – Specifically a proposed 101 ramp at Berryessa/Mabury.

You get all of this and the next beautification project focused on the Penitencia Creek Park pond.  We are committed to building on our park benches, wayfinding banners, and mural restoration successes.  We now have $15,000 in seed money and are working to engage public/private resources to address this problem.

Your membership is appreciated, and we hope you encourage your neighbors to attend our Zoom meetings (for now) and to join.  A $10/yr/ea membership establishes you as someone who is actively supporting the Berryessa community and the value your neighborhood association delivers.  So please send your check (payable to the Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council) to:

        Susan Fowle

        BCAC Treasurer

        3614 Vista Del Valle

        San José, CA 95132

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