2020 Census Volunteers to be going Door-to-door

This is a reminder to get your 2020 census completed if you haven’t already. 

Every adult, child and baby living in the United States must be counted, regardless of their age, race, or citizenship status. The final population count will determine how billions of dollars are distributed in our community for schools, healthcare, housing, transportation and more for the next ten years.  If all are not counted California could lose 2 seats in the House of Representatives.

Starting Tuesday, August 11th over 2000 trained volunteers have been going door to door to those who have not yet filled out the form. The volunteers will knock on doors and step back. They will not enter homes. They will have on gloves, a mask and holding an iPad and identification bag. They will not be asking for numbers such as credit card or drivers license. Nor will they ask immigration status.  The whole process only takes a few minutes but is very important. 

For more information you can go to 2020census.gov.

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