D4 Councilmember candidate forum – 13 Jan

The BCAC and our co-sponsors (BMRA, BBA, RONA, and NSJBDC) will be hosting the 4 candidates offering themselves to you for election to the San José City Council from District #4.  We invite you come listen to the candidate’s background, priorities, and approach to the issues of importance to our district.  And invite a friend – these candidates have committed much of their time to this campaign and deserve a large audience. It is at the same time and place as our monthly general meeting: Monday January 13, 7PM in the Berryessa community center.

There will be lobby tables for the campaign staffs and literature/signs.  We encourage you to get in action for the candidate of your choice, but please remember our rules that campaign signage is not to be brought into the main room.

In order to maximize the candidate forum portion of the agenda we have postponed updates from the elected official, but the public safety reports and snacks will be offered.

We want to ask that you help with questions for San José City Council District #4 BCAC Candidate Forum.
The four candidates (David Cohen, Lan Diep, Jamal Khan, and Huy Tran) have accepted our invitation so this will be a premier opportunity for them to connect with our community.  The election season is EARLY this year with the Primary scheduled for March.  The San José annual budget ~$3 billion/year with the Mayor and 10 City Council Members accountable to the voters for priorities and programs.  We are a city of more than a million that is confronted with challenges and opportunities, so we hope you will reflect and send us questions you would like answered by the candidates seeking to represent you.
To submit questions to the Question Screening Committee, just send them in an e:mail to Susan Fowle (fowle1234@comcast.net).  Susan will collect all of the questions from BCAC members and members of the 4 cosponsoring organizations for the Question Screening Committee.  
With only 4 candidates there will likely be time for between 7 and 12 questions, so having questions that address community concerns will be important.

Here find a copy of a flier you can use to promote the Forum, and Susan Fowle is ready to accept the questions.

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