April Monthly Meeting 4-8-2019

Come join us for our Monthly General meeting.  We will be meeting at 7PM at the Berryessa Community Center on Monday April 8.  You may view the agenda HERE.

We will have three featured presentations.

  • Repaving – San José Department of Transportation Public Information Manager, Colin Heyene, will be sharing the city’s street repaving plan.  I suspect that each of you have your favorite city street.  You know, the one that has you grinding your teeth every time you drive its course.  Well, San José has budgeted a signification repaving program for 2019, and this is your opportunity to learn which 400 miles of the 2,400 miles of paved road in San José are included
  • Art Festival Grants Impacts – The BUSD Superintendent, Dr. Roxane Fuentes, and Berryessa Business Association President, Frank Cancilla want to share with you the importance of the Berryessa Annual Art Festival (May 11th).  You will learn how the grant funds have improved the BUSD schools and touched the lives of teachers and students
  • Our Banner Project – Susan Fowle will share the submitted Wayfinding Banner Project art work.  I have seen some and was amazed.  You are in for a great surprise…creativity, color, design.

Of course you will have the opportunity to engage with elected official or staff, will get your law enforcement update, and will get your Monday fix of coffee and cookies.

Come join us, and bring a friend.

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