BCAC General Meeting 3-11-19

Come join us on Monday 3-11 @ 7PM at the Berryessa community center for our March Monthly general meeting.  We’ll have updates from our elected officials, police, and a presentation of our Citizen of the Year.

Join with political and community leaders and celebrate the mystery person.  Your presence will make a huge difference to the winner and the presenters.  This is a BCAC tradition that extends back to 1991 when Ms. Freida McKellar was selected.

Rather than celebrate an ethnicity, this year the Board decided to recognize the Berryessa Union School District Music Program.  The musical performance will let you see and hear the contribution provided by the Berryessa Art Festival profits, the leadership of the Berryessa Business Association, and a long line of community members who made sure there was music funding for our students.

You will find the agenda attached Here for your convenience, and we encourage you to invite your friends and neighbors.

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