District 4 Dumpster Days – June 9 and 16

On June 9 and 16, Councilmember Diep’s Office will be hosting Dumpster Days, which typically are opportunities for community members to come out with belongings they no longer want (e.g. mattresses, sofas, toasters, you name it) and throw them away into large dumpster bins provided by the City.

For June 9, the dumpsters will be at the Santa Clara VTA (their parking lot; 3331 N 1st Street; enter at River Oaks Pkwy) and George Mayne Elementary School (along Wilson Way).

With June 16, the Brooktree Elementary School (1783 Olivetree Dr.) and Milpitas Christian School (3435 Birchwood Ln.) locations will have the dumpster bins.

Lan Diep’s Office still needs volunteers for both dates.  With June 9, their office is looking for 8 more volunteers. On the June 16, they are looking for roughly 40 volunteers.

1)      June 9 Volunteer Link à https://bit.ly/2xs77vc

2)      June 16 Volunteer Link à https://bit.ly/2H5O5dD


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