Mission Statement and Objectives

BCAC is a community based organization that is dedicated to the enrichment of the Berryessa Community in North San Jose. We are concerned and interested residents of the San Jose City Council District 4 and all of the Berryessa Union School District. 
  1. Unify our Community
    1. Broaden our membership to be representative of the citizens within San Jose’s City Council District 4 and any of the Berryessa Union School District 4.
    2. Advertise our meetings through posting fliers, participation in the San Jose District 4 mailing list, and press releases in the Berryessa Sun and San Jose Mercury Newspapers.
    3. Encourage liaisons from other neighborhood organizations and homeowner groups to attend our meetings.
  2. Lead the Community
    1. Sponsor and co-sponsor with other groups meetings about candidates and ballot issues, pro’s and con’s.
    2. Advocates and influence at all governmental levels about non-partisan issues of common interest.
    3. Write letters in support or against governmental actions.
    4. Encourage the membership to participate in volunteer capacities and elected offices to enhance that quality of life in our area.
    5. Solicit candidates for city commissions and boards.
    6. Solicit volunteers for school district committees.
    7. Invite high school leaders to attend our meetings.
  3. Provide two-way communication between the community and local governmental entities.
    1. Provide advance information to our membership before decisions are made
    2. Encourage elected officials: City, County, and State Assembly to give us an update about current issues of interest to our membership.
    3. Monthly update from the San Jose Police wounding within out area.
    4. Provide value add to our membership:
      1. Website with links to other governmental entities
      2. Copy of LWC (League of Women Voters) Facts for Voters
      3. Monthly meetings with topics of interest to out members
      4. Forum to meet and greet your Berryessa neighbors.

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